Wednesday, January 16th, 2019

Last week I prayed for a solution to one of my problems. Not only did the solution come, but it came in abundance. However, it will not be handed to me. It will take many hours of work and dedication to receive it.

That’s how life works sometimes. We pray or wish for things to happen and expect them to come instantly and with ease. Some blessings require work because the work is where the blessing is.



Tuesday, January 15th, 2019

Lately I’ve been in a funk. I’ve set some new goals for the new year and I’m already wavering on them. I will start off great and then create an excuse to not complete. One day turns into two; two days slowly turn into a week and BOOM… that goal is gone and another one is set.

When you have a bad day you kinda feel like you’re defeated. It brings anxiety because you want to complete the task, but have no desire or strength to do so. Ultimately, you slowly give up.

I’m forcing myself to fight through these moments and work on my goals every day. Even if it’s just 10 minutes, I will try to push myself a little bit further. After all, every second counts..



Monday, January 14th, 2019

The power of the tongue is real. You ever say something and it immediately happens? Or better yet it happens indirectly of what you meant? That’s why you should always speak life into situations and not death.

This week try to switch all the negative things you want to say into positive things. Try to retrain your mind to automatically think of the good instead of the bad.

I’m currently working on this myself and while hard; I have seen some beneficial changes. Let me know how it goes for you..



Sunday, January 13th, 2019

You know the saying “I don’t look like my struggle?” Well I’m seeing a lot of examples during this new “aging” challenge. Many of you have been through silent battles that we couldn’t imagine and yet you are still here…. BUT what does your soul look like?

Reflect on those same years and really think about how you’ve changed and not just in the physical and visual form. Are there some cycles you have yet to break? People you need to cut off but refuse to? Better yet, do you need to be a better person? Think about it and start the work.

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