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Sunday, January 13th, 2019

You know the saying “I don’t look like my struggle?” Well I’m seeing a lot of examples during this new “aging” challenge. Many of you have been through silent battles that we couldn’t imagine and yet you are still here…. BUT what does your soul look like?

Reflect on those same years and really think about how you’ve changed and not just in the physical and visual form. Are there some cycles you have yet to break? People you need to cut off but refuse to? Better yet, do you need to be a better person? Think about it and start the work.



Saturday, January 12th, 2019

Most people don’t like to hear the truth about themselves so they push back at any chance. But you must be strong to stand alone with your own thoughts and opinions; because those same thoughts and opinions are what you have to fall back on.



Wednesday, January 9th, 2019

Recently, someone told me that I complain a lot. At first I felt some type of way, but then I realized they were right. So one day I intentionally decided to keep track of my complaints… I lost count in the first few hours.

In daily life, we aren’t aware of how negative our mindset is. We also aren’t mindful of how that negativity can spread to others.

Are we really grateful for what we have or only grateful when it’s convenient?

Here is my test to you. Count how many times you complain in a day; write it down. Then count how many times you are grateful in a day; write that down too. If the latter is less than the first, you have some work to do.