Some things will always hurt. Some experiences leave deep pain. Most times you will be forced to carry this pain like a badge of grief. However, this new badge also lets the world know you survived and yet chose not to be defined by it. This doesn’t mean you wont cry. It doesn’t mean you wont get upset. It means you choose not to dwell on it anymore. You choose to be free… That’s your closure.

PEP ❤️

It’s been a year since my lil homie Pep went away. My best friend for 14 years is forever gone. Towards the end of his life he would sit outside to look at the trees & feel the breeze. I guess he knew he was dying soon. Sometimes I think I’m ready for another dog and then it feels like I’m replacing him. Either way life hasn’t been the same since he died. I often look at the trees in my backyard and think of him. Maybe he is now the breeze.

RIP Pepper..